Motivational Monday Jukebox: The Delfonics – “La-La Means I Love You”

Well guys, it’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but it is that time of the month: Motivational Monday Jukebox. I’ll be real: I haven’t been feeling that motivated this Monday, or indeed throughout the past week. It’s been up-and-down, to be honest. But one constant stream of bliss has been in listening to classic soul acts, which led me to (re)discover The Delfonics. I actually love that name: Delfonics. Nice reference to their hometown and the beautiful music that they make. Since this happens to be now my favourite song of theirs, ladies and gents, here’s an old-school performance of “La-La Means I Love You”. These guys always had the grooviest moves with their dulcet tones. Enjoy:


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