Let’s Get Political

Hey readers,

As a lot of people know, discussions on politics, religion and to a lesser extent, sports are regarded as so potentially contentious that several websites and message boards giving an outright ban on these topics so that they won’t spread division among the followers or something, or because they don’t want their comment section all clogged up with pointless name-calling. Or at least that’s the assumption.


Unfortunately, I am one of those bloggers who are somewhat interested in turning his writing webpage into a personal online soapbox. From time to time. I do have (at least I’d say) pretty strong political stances, and those stances will eventually drive me to provide commentary on these rather hot-button topics very, very soon. You are warned:

  • The bumpy road to Brexit (possible u-turns ahead).
  • 2020 or bust…(The likeliness is that it’s gonna be bust for the Labour Party).
  • The impending inauguration of Donald Trump.
  • (Possibly) And There Was Much Rejoicing…Awful People Who Lost In 2016.

I didn’t want to make a list of things because that invites urgency to actually do them. So at best, you’ll see three of them within the next month. The last of them may or may not happen, but this brief overview should at least give you an idea of my stances. Kind of. Actually nothing at all.


#politics, #writing