New Year’s Anthem 2016

I have no idea if I’ll be going out tonight. The very idea makes me kinda nauseous and this stems from the stresses that I’ve experienced recently. In any case, I figured that at the very least, I could keep myself busy to justify the lack of progress in finding a better life. And making some horrible decisions along the way?

Other people may have a playlist or a song that fits in with the upcoming year. Me? In spite of the rough patch that I’m now in, the isolation, and the stress culminating from the craziest two months that I’ve ever experienced*, what better song to celebrate me still breathing after a year which the Queen might refer to as “annus horribilis”? Thank you Ms. Knowles-Carter, Ms. Rowland, and Ms. Williams, for bringing this into the world 16 years ago:

(Try to) have a Happy New Year’s Day. 🙂


*There is a possibility that the choice song is indeed directed to someone that one would feel compelled to ask me about. I’ll neither confirm or deny.


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